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We have some great & unique models of greenhouse, each greenhouse will suit different situations, the one thing they all have in common is they all  come with our class leading 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means we stay with you as a retailer & supplier and will offer help, advice, spare or replacement parts for as long as you own your greenhouse  - no questions just great products with good service.         


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The Grand Gardener is the tallest model in our range at 7'9" tall -without the base kit fitted which adds another 5" makes a real statement. This model is for the serious grower looking to get the best from their garden. Of course you can further enhance your greenhouse with our comprehensive range of accessories

Grand Gardener 8'x8'
NZ$ 2,695.00 incl GST
The elegant Grand Gardener makes a great statement standing 2.37m - 7'9" tall & that's without the optional base kit which adds another 13cm - 5" in height. The standard model comes with twin entrance doors, 1 roof vent as standard. Extra roof vents & side louvre vents are available and easy to retro fit. Each extension module which will extend your greenhouse by another 1.25m 4',also includes additional roof vent & extra side louvre as part of the package. Additional vents (either or both) can be added later if required The complete range of accessories can all be fitted to any of our great greenhouses....
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Grand Gardener Base Kit 8'x8'
NZ$ 275.00 incl GST
Base kit for standard Grand Gardener Although not strictly essential it is a useful & cost effective option to fix your greenhouse down. All our greenhouses are built tough, so might as well make sure it’s fixed down firmly, using the base kit will make that process really simple....
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Grand Gardener 8'x12'
NZ$ 3,290.00 incl GST
The elegant and tall (7'9" without the base kit) this model of the Grand Gardener is a real asset to any garden. With just one extension module it also becomes really useful size. This model includes as standard 2x Roof vents. More roof vents or side louver vents and accessories can easily be added fitted at any time, have a look at our great range of extras....
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Grand Gardener Base Kit 8'x12'
NZ$ 340.00 incl GST
All our greenhouses are built tough, so might as well make sure it’s fixed down firmly, using the base kit will make that process really simple as well as raising the height by up to another 13mm – 5”...
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Grand Gardener 8'x16'
NZ$ 3,985.00
NZ$ 3,515.00 incl GST
For something really special try this large size Grand Gardener. If you want something even longer just add more extension kits -, each will add another 1.24m and come complete with additional roof vents....
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Grand Gardener Base Kit 8'x16'
NZ$ 405.00 incl GST
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Grand Gardener 8x8 - Dual Access Doors
NZ$ 2,745.00
NZ$ 2,645.00 incl GST
This Unique model of our Grand Gardener has twin access doors at both ends - really handy for busy gardeners, also helps with ventilation in summer....
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Grand Gardener Additional Louvre Vent
NZ$ 129.00 incl GST
Additional louvre window fitted to the sides,rear, or door if of your Grand Gardener. Helps with that all important ventilation, can also be fitted with an automatic opener which is able to be retro fitted at any time....
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Grand Gardener Extension Kit
NZ$ 695.00
NZ$ 595.00 incl GST
Extend your Grand Gardener by another 123cm - 4'1" Comes complete with additional opening roof vent. Add as many units as you want, then further customize your greenhouse with plant hangers, solar lights, rain water collection gutters, staging units, you can see our full range of great extras under accessories...
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Grand Gardener Roof Vent
NZ$ 149.00 incl GST
Good ventilation is important for the plants health by helping to keep pests & diseases at bay. These additional roof vents are easy to install and can be retro fitted at anytime. For convenience they can be used with an automatic solar powered opener. (Available separately)...
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