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Here at The Greenhouse Shop we stock the finest range of top quality greenhouses in New Zealand - first we have the very clever Rion range of modular greenhouses kit sets , these not only look great but are also possibly the strongest domestic greenhouse on the market. We also have our 'Silver Line' range from Palram, both these quality products are exclusive to The Greenhouse Shop in New Zealand. With this fantastic choice of style and sizes we are bound to have a model to fit you needs and budget. 

The attractive & unique Rion Greenhouse are designed to be very very strong, long lasting, easy to erect, virtually maintenance free, & best of all their modular concept allows all the models to be extended and customised to any length you desire, now you really can get the greenhouse size you want.

Our new Silver line product range offers exceptional value and great looks using clear as glass polycarbonate glazing making them as attractive as glass but a much stronger & safer option than glass itself

We also have a great range of custom designed accessories to further enhance your growing pleasure.   

So if you're looking for a new greenhouse big or small, domestic or commercial, check us out we have sizes to fit all needs and budgets.


Grand Gardener + 1 Extension unit


Hobby Gardener


The new Americana 12x12





Here at the Greenhouse Shop we believe the unique style and great quality of all our greenhouses allow us to really stand out from the competition. We understand that the purchase of a new greenhouse is a significant investment in both time & money and needs to last for many years.

This is why we stand by all our products and offer our class leading 100% satisfaction guarantee; we are absolutely committed to making sure you are happy with your purchase.

All our products are produced by companies who focus on designing the very best in greenhouse gardening equipment.

With our fantastic range of kit set modular greenhouses and accessories and now the Silver Line range we are able to find the right model just for you. Fully customisable by adding more roof vents, auto vent openers, side louvre vents, shelving units, rain water collection gutters, hanging kits, even solar lights.

Starting with 3 different sizes, the Rion construction principle is the same for all models. Each greenhouse works on the modular concept. To extend your greenhouse all you do is add extra centre modules, these come with all the parts you need & depending on the model they even come complete with an additional roof vent and side lourve vent as well. Check out the different models →Rion Greenhouse Models

New to our product line up is the Silver Line range, with some interesting options. Again, we have a long list of accessories available to customize your greenhouse - well worth checking out →Silver Line Greenhouse Range

Hobby Gardener Greenhouse + 2 extension kits     

The greenhouse looks fine - not to sure about the guy on the far left

Rion Greenhouses are quite possibly the strongest, most durable, and best-designed greenhouses on the market. They have extremely sturdy frames, they are modular and expandable in design, & they have heaps of headroom. In addition, the exceptionally attractive structure with its dark green colour frame makes it a great asset to any home or garden. It is the easiest greenhouse unit to assemble needing only the most basic tools yet extremely strong, very well insulated using top quality twin wall polycarbonate in the glazing, and above all this, is excellent value for your money -- real professional quality at a hobbyist price

Hobby Gardener Greenhouse

 Bet its cold outside 

Eco Grow Greenhouse left Hobby Grow Greenhouse right

That's the Eco Grow on the left with the Hobby Gardener on the right.

This is the attractive & popular Hobby Gardner

 Grand Gardener Greenhouse

The tall and elegant Grand Gardener


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→  Click here to download Rion greenhouse brochure

→Silver Line Greenhouse Range

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